August 12, 2009


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Leigh Ann, I think you just found the WOD for me do to on my birthday when it comes up next month. The Bear Complex has yet to be a mainsite WOD since I've started and the addition of situps when you set the bar down, well that's just mean.

Linda today up here!

Me: As Rx'd BW 160 26:46 (2:40 slower than when I did it with you guys in May. Having a big group is so motivating.)

Chris w/ Power Cleans: BW 190lbs. DL 225lbs (118% BW), BP 115lbs (60% BW), PC 115lbs (60% BW) 18:56

This was Chris's first shot at Linda. Mindy was in the middle of the WOD when I left but she was kicking some butt.


Linda...did 65% of RX'd numbers:
BW 130lbs. DL 125lbs, BP 85lbs, SC 65lbs
with even rounds (10,8,6,4,2 reps)



Leigh Ann...while I agree the "big" excuse is annoying, the one that always drives me nuts is the "I'm a girl and that looks hard" excuse. Makes me want to throw things.

Leigh Ann

Great job on Linda up there in Ventura guys!! Reagan, definitely give me a heads up a couple days prior to your b-day and you can choose the WOD! This one was actually my sister Kristi's when she turned 30 in May and it's a great one! We can do it again for your b-day, do the regular Bear Complex or tweak it anyway you want!

Mindy, I agree, that is way annoying. Most people just don't want to work this hard.


This is one of those workouts that I have love/hate feelings about. Back in May I thought I was going to kick the Bear's ass. It turned out then to be the other way around.

15:36 Rx Break at 19&25 60 sit-ups.
That is almost 11 minutes faster then last time. Half the breaks/sit-ups as well.

I actually had butterflies as I was driving to the barn tonight.


I forgot to mention JD's time

Thirty Hurts

6:03 no breaks 33#

We weren't sure on the weight, so decided to go 33#. I think next time he will go heavier.

Still a great Job JD!!

Kristi in Cali

Awesome job with Linda Ventura crew. Great progress Dan! That is amazing that you cut 11 minutes off your time from May.

My time was 13:58 Rx I did sit-ups after 10 and 20 reps. My time back on my b-day in May was 15:40 so I am making progress.

Post WOD: finished the rest of my sit-ups to make 100 for the day plus did my 100 pushups.

Prego Muscle Mama

"30 Hurts"
10:00 w/ 45# bar
no breaks

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