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April 02, 2009


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I don't even remotely remember my time. First time with the 2 pd kettle bell though - what fun.

I may have to pick rope climb as my SotM - seems like something I should be able to do, but the technique escapes me.

As always, massively impressed by Heath's no-leg rope climb.

Kristi in Cali

Did yesterdays Grindy this morning:
65# C&Js
Blue band pull-ups
knee push ups (didn't have the time or energy to struggle through plank push-ups this morning!)


Tim I agree, the rope is a tough one.

dirty dozen
my time... 20:25?

Annee Buchele

25:40, mini band pullups, 12" box jumps, blue band ring dips, 1 pood kb swings, 20# db hsc, 14# wall ball shots to 8' target, 3:1 rope

on my way to cali to meet baby micah, celebrate jacob's 7th birthday, and work out with the cali crew!

Mike K

Did 50 regular dips since I haven't made my rings yet.
Did 45 jumping towel pull-ups.
Did 70lb DB swings since the gym only has 1 and 1.5 pood KB


19:10 (PR by 1:09!)
45# kb swings (up from 1 pood last time)
20# hang squat cleans
14# wall ball to 10' target
9 modified rope climbs (6 last time)
mini-band pullups (blue band last time)
real double unders (3:1 singles last time)
blue band dips

This is one of my faves...I like the variety!


Wow, that was painful.
Three rounds for time of:
21 L-Pull-ups
15 ft. L-rope climb, 3 ascents

As Rx'd(ish): 26:17 Did 4x 10ft L-rope climbs starting from sitting on the floor. My legs would flop a bit on the rope climbs, but they were mostly straight out. Grip and arms are dead.

The dirty dozen doesn't sound much more enjoyable though. Nice work everyone.

Introduced Chris to beginner rope climbs.


miniband pullups
blueband ring dips
1 pood kb swings
20# hang squat cleans
14# wall ball 8' target
9 modified rope climbs

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